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Offerwall was created in 2009 with the objective of helping both publishers and advertisers expand their businesses globally through monetization and advertising solutions. The service provides a variety of offers such as local deals and surveys to engage users from different backgrounds, thus helping the businesses improve user acquisition, conversions and monetization of websites, mobile apps and games. In 2010, Offerwall established Paymentwall, and joined the company’s array of products. After only six years in the market, Offerwall has been sourcing offers from more than 800 ad networks and advertisers worldwide. Due to tremendous growth, Offerwall announced independence from Paymentwall in October 2015 and it is now operating as an independent company. Fundamentally, independence of Offerwall allows higher management scale and tremendous focus on extraordinary opportunities, allowing the company to be more flexible and to grow even further.

As a result, Offerwall will empower advertisers to deliver incredible advertising experience, while providing publishers with more opportunities for monetization. It will also help them improve their business operations, and allow them to gain a larger share of the marketplace.

Though Offerwall is now an independent company, at its heart, it will always be developing solutions uniquely suited to the business needs of its clients to help them achieve a new level.

Offerwall comes with reports and analytical tools to measure the reach of websites or mobile apps, user engagement and the performance of your ads. Round-the-clock support allows us to provide efficient service all around the globe, and address the concerns of both publishers and advertisers in a timely manner.

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