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Get more out of your website, mobile app, or digital content by turning it into a source of revenue with Offerwall. The Offerwall platform allows you to monetize non-paying users with offers, where they complete a survey, watch a video, install iOS/Android apps and take other specified actions in exchange for earning virtual rewards. Your app or website gets paid with each completed offer, while virtual rewards keep users happy and excited to come back for more.
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Offerwall gives you the opportunity to monetize non-paying users and to increase your revenue. Get access to the leading advertisers and global advertising networks to get paid for non-converting users on your site, application, or game. Once you integrate the Offerwall widget, your website or app will begin receiving offers, turning your traffic into a source of revenue with each completed offer. Don't miss out on the chance to profit from your website or app with Offerwall.

How it works

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# Paymentwall Ruby Library: # require_relative '/path/to/paymentwall-ruby/lib/paymentwall.rb' Paymentwall::Base::setApiType(Paymentwall_Base::API_VC) Paymentwall::Base::setAppKey('t_93008515b6d111a9435840d3784b6e') Paymentwall::Base::setSecretKey('t_bc9268c0dedbdbfdc0eac5fce44ca9') widget = 'user40012', 'w1', [], { 'email' => '', 'any_custom_parameter' => 'value'} ) puts widget.getHtmlCode()
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// Paymentwall PHP Library: require_once('/path/to/paymentwall-php/lib/paymentwall.php'); Paymentwall_Config::getInstance()->set(array( 'api_type' => Paymentwall_Config::API_VC, 'public_key' => 't_614361aa52031dd26f4cba5d1fe459', 'private_key' => 't_75d2390ca1cca7dea094450b0960f8' )); $widget = new Paymentwall_Widget( 'user40012', 'w1', array(), array('email' => '', 'any_custom_parameter' => 'value') ); echo $widget->getHtmlCode();
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# Paymentwall Python Library: from paymentwall import * Paymentwall.set_api_type(Paymentwall.API_VC) Paymentwall.set_app_key('t_614361aa52031dd26f4cba5d1fe459') Paymentwall.set_secret_key('t_75d2390ca1cca7dea094450b0960f8') widget = Widget( 'user4522', 'w1', [], { 'email': '', 'any_custom_parameter': 'value'} # additional parameters ) print(widget.get_html_code())
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var Paymentwall = require('paymentwall'); Paymentwall.configure( Paymentwall.Base.API_VC, 't_614361aa52031dd26f4cba5d1fe459', 't_75d2390ca1cca7dea094450b0960f8' ); var widget = new Paymentwall.Widget( 'user40012', 'w1', [], { 'email': '', 'any_custom_parameter': 'value'} ); console.log(widget.getHtmlCode());
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Easy to implement

Set up Offerwall on your website in almost no time with our seamless integration process. The Offerwall widget can be integrated in Java, PHP, Python and many more programming languages for your convenience. In addition, you get API parameters that assess risk to prevent fraudulent activity and secure your data. Once the Offerwall platform becomes active, it starts to analyze user behavioral info to be able to provide appropriate offers for your monetization needs.

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