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What is Offerwall?

Offerwall is an advertising and monetization platform that turns digital content into a source of revenue through offers that promote products and services. Offers encourage users to complete a survey, watch a video, install an app or other specific tasks in exchange for virtual rewards. For publishers, each completed offer brings revenue for their app or website. For advertisers, offers allow them to widen the audience for their product or service.

Who can use Offerwall?

  • End-users - Users of websites or applications who do not want to pay can use Offerwall to earn virtual credits or to enjoy premium access to content by completing offers.
  • Publishers - can use Offerwall to monetize users who are not willing to pay, without showing them adult or gambling content.
  • Advertisers - can use Offerwall to promote their products and services with offers, except for those that present adult or gambling content.

How are offers completed in Offerwall?

These are the steps for completing offers in Offerwall:
  • Users who do not have virtual currency can use Offerwall inside a website or a game to earn virtual credits or gain premium access to content.
  • Once they have opened the Offerwall widget, they will be shown offers where they would need to answer a survey, watch a video, install an app or accomplish other specific actions in exchange for virtual currency.
  • When the user selects the offer, he/she will be redirected to the advertiser’s website to accomplish the specific task in order to get virtual currency.
  • The advertiser then pays for each completed offer.
  • The publisher of the website or app then receives the payment for the completed offer.


How can I earn with Offerwall?

Publishers of digital content can earn with Offerwall whenever an end-user completes an offer through their website or their application. The payment for each completed offer comes from the advertiser.

How can I add Offerwall on my website?

Follow the steps below to add Offerwall on your website:
  • Set up the Offerwall API on your server to be able to start providing offers to your users.
  • Integrate the Offerwall widget on Java, Ruby, Python, or on any other programming language that your website uses. Make sure to pass the User Profile API as this will help us to determine if users can complete the offer based on their age, gender, location and other factors.
  • Construct your Pingback listener with just a few lines of code. This allows us to send you a server-to-server pingback that will alert you each time a user completes an offer.
  • Create your PW Account to complete the process and to obtain live credentials for your project.

I want to sell physical goods with Offerwall, is it allowed?

Selling physical goods on Offerwall is not allowed, as the platform only supports the sale of virtual currency.

How can I receive my payout?

We can pay you via the following methods:
  • Bank and Wire transfer
  • Check (US only)
  • PayPal

How often will I be able to receive my payout from Offerwall?

You will be able to receive your payout from Offerwall on a monthly basis.

In what currency will I be able to receive payment?

Offerwall pays publishers in U.S. dollars.

In which platforms can I implement Offerwall?

Offerwall can be implemented on a website or in-game.

Can I customize Offerwall’s widget to suit my website or app?

Yes, we can customize Offerwall’s widget to match the appearance of your website or app and help you provide a seamless experience for your users.


I want to promote my business on Offerwall. How can I do this?

You can promote your business in Offerwall through the use of offers that direct end-users to your website or application.

What type of traffic does Offerwall have?

The type of traffic that Offerwall generates is incentivized traffic, which means that the prospect of being rewarded encourages users to complete a certain task when they visit your website.

Can I target specific type of users (age, location, etc.) while running a campaign on Offerwall?

Yes, you can. Our Social Feedback Algorithm allows you to target users based on their age, location, gender and other attributes.

How can I track the conversions of my campaigns?

You can easily track the conversions of your campaigns with Offerwall’s in-depth reporting tools and advanced analytical features available on your dashboard. Reports shows number of converted users, page views, user’s geolocation, age, gender and other attributes.

How does Offerwall prevent fraudulent conversions?

Offerwall prevents fraudulent conversions by detecting and blocking click fraud on its widget. We also have a risk team that monitors suspicious online behavior to ensure that your landing page only receives quality traffic.

On which websites will my ad campaigns be visible?

Your ad campaigns can be visible on websites that have integrated the Offerwall widget. Merchants that are using Offerwall come from different industries such as gaming, dating, education, entertainment and many more, helping you to expand your reach.


I completed the offer but I didn’t get my credits. How can I get them?

You can contact our customer support team at that will help you address your concerns.

Why are there no offers showing up for me?

Offers might not be visible for you if there aren’t any advertisers who are targeting your region, or you didn’t pass the requirements for offers to be shown to you (age, gender, etc.). Please check the Offerwall widget after a few hours to see if there are any new offers available.